How to merge cds (media)?

I have entered the data for a multi-disc cd release using the information on the naxos website. In this case the release has 4 cds .

This particular item has also been released as a Blu-ray Audio disc with all tracks now on 1 disc instead of 4. Is there any way to add the Blu-ray version without having to re-enter all the track info (I can’t see a way to merge the 4cds into 1 if I try basing the new release off of the existing release)?

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I think the way to do it would be to import the existing release, then use the “track parser” to copy the track info into a single medium. Then you can get rid of of the other mediums.

That won’t properly re-link the recordings though, I suspect. You might need to set them by hand (or, if it’s too much, let the add create new ones but merge them afterwards)

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Had a quick try of the suggestion, and as guessed it doesn’t re-link the recordings.

For now I think I won’t attempt it, merging 4 discs properly would be cumbersome and I suspect there isn’t much demand for Blu-ray entries anyway.

Thanks for the suggestion.

No one suggested that the Recordings would be re-linked I think. As @reosarevok suggested:

Merging them should be fairly easy—especially if you use something like @jesus2099’s mb. MASS MERGE RECORDINGS userscript. (The MB wiki/docs has a page with information about userscripts if you need help. :slight_smile:)

Just because the demand isn’t there now doesn’t mean it won’t be in the future. Also, remember that MusicBrainz’ data is used for (much!) more than just people tagging their files: music companies are using it to improve their data about artists and researchers are using MB as a source of music information for academic research. The more and more complete information MusicBrainz has, the more useful and accurate it is for these purposes.

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@ghenriks, please edit this Blu‐ray audio release I have made by cloning the 4CD release, removing the 3 trailing CDs then using the track parser to complete the single medium then many right click copy recording URLs from the existing release to paste in new release editor Recordings tab. :slight_smile:
I don’t know Blu‐ray audio so please check my mistakes.
I have just done the tedious part of tracklist merge.
The removal of wrong ASIN is pending, I forgot to remove it.