How to merge 1 disc into a multi-disc set

I’ve been poking around the VA pages of the Separate Discs report. I’ve merged a few separate (disc x) entries into one release successfully, but I can’t figure out how to merge 1 orphan disc into an existing multi-disc set.

For example, check this release group here:

Someone entered disc 3 of the 3-disc set and stopped there. The track listing seems to be identical to the existing disc 3 of the 3xCD release. Since “Merge Rather than Delete” is the preference, I’d like to merge this disc into the set.

My only choices are to append to the release, creating a 4-disc set with one duplicate, or to merge mediums and recordings. That step fails because the (disc 3) entry is trying to merge with the first medium of the set instead of the third. The instructions say I need to move it to the correct place before merging, but I can’t move it to medium 3 without creating 1 & 2. 1 & 2 can’t be blank.

So, how do I proceed? Do I have to recreate the set in the orphan disc and then merge the two releases? Merging the recordings is easy thanks to Mass Merge Recordings, but merging the releases isn’t. Any suggestions?

You don’t need to create mediums 1 & 2. Go into the tracklist editor and click the down arrow in the upper right corner. You’ll see the heading change from “Tracklist” to “Medium 3”.


Cool, thanks! I didn’t realize it worked that way. Now in I can merge that disc into the release!