How to load cover art from Amazon?

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I noticed that some releases load cover art from Amazon. I like to do that for some releases that I do not own the physical CD of. I see the digital album on Amazon for example this one but where can I find the url on Amazon to the cover art?


First try to find some second hand online store to see if Amazon has exactly the correct cover for that edition because it is rarely the case.
They often have square concept arts which text position or overall shape and cropping does not match reality (digipak are rectangular, text placements often vary from edition to edition).
Prefer Amazon images for Digital releases.
Now when you really want to download Amazon’s image, click it, copy its URL, then remove all the options at the end (between their ID and the ending .jpg : http(s)://… becomes

See Another example from Add cover art by URL ticket (MBS-4641) and Amazon URL autocorrect changes valid Amazon artist pages to invalid ones ticket (MBS-4806)

I don’t think it’s your need but you can also build Amazon image URL starting from their ASIN code. For instance with B00005FJRT

I had found those tips from Amazon notes > Images on some wiki.

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Now I understand your true question !
Just link the Amazon page to the release you want the cover to appear, and voilĂ  !
When a release as some Cover Art Archive (CAA) image, it displays.
But Amazon links act as a fallback.

In this release group, VIBL-35 has a CAA but all the others show their ASIN images up.

Before linking Amazon page to a release, make sure to find the correct one.
For VIBL-35 for instance, it’s a Japanese release so I go to Japanese Amazon.
Then I search both its catalogue number and its JAN/EAN/bar code and then I take the matching ASIN for linking on MB :slight_smile:

But it’s a good example of wrong cover, as two editions share the same catalogue number and bar code (one is 12cm jewel case and the other is a regular DVD Amaray type case).


Thank you so much @jesus2099 for your help!! Am going to do that at Amazon, the soon I have found time to add the releases to the artist!

Happy weekend! :smile: