How to link to two Discogs pages with annotations?

I was editing the artist Cheap Glue Cheap Glue - MusicBrainz who changed the way they spell their name to Cheapglue before their album release. Discogs has two different pages for the band (which makes no sense to me) and I created links to both.

This artist nit nit - MusicBrainz has a similar situation, and the links are annotated “Discogs” and “Discogs (as Corentin Kerdraon)”. I want to do that but I don’t know how to add that annotation. How can I do that?

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Ah this really is tucked away. I forget how to do it every time…

Here are the steps:

link 'as'


Perfect! Just what I was looking for.

Unless the band actually changed its name/genre/members, I can’t see why Discogs would keep two pages for this.
Of course, it is worth noting, just because there are two pages today doesn’t mean there will be two pages tomorrow. Discogs is full of errors. Not just actual errors, but data that an error based on their own guidelines. All it should take is a long term editor to see the two names, and they’ll be merged.

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This is not abnormal, like all other websites, including MB. :wink:


It is odd there would be two pages. Judging by the song credits it is exactly the same people, only some of the members are only on the Cheapglue page and others are on Cheap Glue. :upside_down_face:

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a bigger problem with Discogs is the confusing rules, because I see the guidelines to say the opposite.

Cheap Glue Cheapglue and The Cheap Glue are all the same page. Because they are all the same spelling.

But Robert Smith and Bob Smith are different pages.
Which means that most modern artists are going to have at least 2 pages because they get songwriting credits under their legal name. Or a woman who gets married and changes her performance name to match will need a new page for each marriage.


off topic - And then their rules get even funkier, because if a legal name page exists, you get listed as a member of a band under your legal name.

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Looks like I need to add “Warning, joke” to my posts. Sorry to whoever it was who reported my post. It was not my choice of band name. I have now deleted it.

For some reason I was not allowed to edit it like used to be the way on Discourse.

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@jesus2099 Discogs is wayyyyyyy full of errors!!! Musicbrainz totally beats Discogs. :wink: