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Hi! I am a subscriber and am new to editing on Musicbrainz. I was curious what the proper and correct way to link albums that may have different titles is for to pick up. For example, on Kubatko’s Tomtor, the Bandcamp release has track 6 as “Subak feat. Jo Joonghyun” and the Spotify release has track 6 as “Subak” by two authors. How does try to link these; is there anything we can do to tell last those are the same song?

Additionally, how does one link releases with different names? Endless Explorations is an album by Djoko on Spotify, but on Bandcamp it’s “DJOKO - ENDLESS EXPLORATIONS” by Berg Audio (the label).

Thanks for the help! I tried searching for this; sorry if I missed it.

I’m not sure musicbrainz has any influence on this - from memory you have to petition a admin/manager to manually link that kind of stuff on the forums somewhere.

Do you know more @Bloopy? has never linked different release names. Their track corrections are a bit of voodoo based on votes users made and other analysis they did with their data in the past. However, they’re currently unable to make any updates with new corrections as you can read here.

Due to complications with re-platforming the site in 2015, it is not yet possible to make changes to the spelling corrections dataset.

One bit of solace is that you can edit your past scrobbles to make them whatever you want. So if a misspelling of a specific artist or title from Spotify starts to gain traction in your chart, you can fix it yourself (in bulk per song).


Does editing scrobbles really affect all of them?
Thanks for the info~! Wild…

Only if you tick the “edit all X scrobbles of this track”.