How To Keep Original Album References in a CD Compilation of Multiple Albums?

I have an Oscar Peterson compilation of ten original albums that are on 5 CDs. It looks like most of the albums are in MB in vinyl. I’m looking to see if there is a way to build the compilation entry to:

  1. Keep original album references
  2. Suck in the vinyl tracks from the original releases.

More info:
The first CD is a compilation of the vinyl Oscar Peterson Plays Cole Porter and Oscar Peterson Plays Irving Berlin. I would like to create the MB entry for this 5 CD set so the original album references (Plays Cole Porter, Plays Irving Berlin) are not lost. I understand the composer reference is there, but I would like to keep the original album reference so that it is not buried in the composer attribution of each song. Any ideas ?

TIA for any advice.

I don’t fully understand what you are asking, but maybe this will help…

  1. there is a “this contains” option.
  2. You can populate the tracklist from previous tracklists.
  3. each “medium” can be named
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OK, I understand about populating the tracklist from previous tracklists, that sounds OK.

So, for the original album names, what I’ll do is include each album in the medium name. So, using the info above, the first medium name would be something like :
Plays Cole Porter (1-12); Plays Irving Berlin (13-21)

Does that sound OK or would this be a problem violating the style guides ?

At the release group level, you can use the ‘includes’ relationship to reference the original albums. See here for a two-in-one example.

Your proposed use of medium titles doesn’t really seem to fit the guidelines:

Medium titles should only be added if each medium in a multi-disc set has an actual title (e.g. “The Early Years” vs. “The Late Years” in a best of compilation). “CD n” or “Disc n” should not be entered as a medium title.

There is a longstanding open ticket for identifying “tracksets” within a single medium.

Of course you can always use an annotation and add as much detail as you want there, but you lose any ability to use it as structured data.

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