How to include a disc in a Release group when the name of the CD's is different

Hi. I want to insert the data of a CD I own, but it’s a strange situation and I’m not sure how to proceed. Check the dcogs info:

There are several versions of the ‘Greatest & Latest’ Warrant CD, one of them (which I own) called ‘Most Wanted’. The 12 first songs of every version are the same, but the bonus tracks are different. That is, the last 4 song in the Greatest & Latest Zebra version are completely different to the last 4 songs in the Most Wanted Mausoleum CD.

Here in Musicbrainz, in the Release Group of Greatest & Latest we only have the data of the Zebra version. How sould I insert the data for the ‘Most Wanted’ CD?

Thanks for you help.


If there isn’t already a release entry for the Most Wanted CD, then I would go ahead and add it as a new release.

The fact that it has a disc ID in common with another release is not usual. I’ve seen this happen a few other times.

If you add it as a separate release, that means anyone else popping that CD into a computer to ask Picard to identify it will be offered all the relevant releases it can match and it will be up to the user to the decide. The TOC will be different due to the bonus tracks being of different lengths, so that should help.


If the album has different title, but is the same of others you may add it in the same release group and, eventually, rename the release group to match the most common title.

Same album is basically same tracklist. It often happens, for example, an album is released with title “Super Album” and later re-released with bonus tracks, under the same name or under another name (which can be “Super Album” “Super Album Deluxe” or “Completly Different Title”), with similar cover art or totally different one.

Whether they fit in the same release group or not is mainly a matter of taste and logic. It is pretty obvious in most cases, much less in some others.
For example, an artist may release an album under one title, then re-release the same exact album under a different title because … well, artists… in this case, we usually re-use the same release group, as we do when it is the same album with extra tracks, but we don’t in other cases: release is an EP, and later an album is released with tracks in common with the EP but added tracks.

We have many different cases, and whether releases share the same release group isn’t always obvious:

Image an artist releasing an EP with 4 tracks, and then later release an album with 8 tracks including this EP, we usually create 2 release groups, eventually with the same title, one being “album” and the other “EP”.
But now, the artist re-releases the EP with 4 bonus tracks (ie. 4 remix of the first 4 tracks): they should usually share the same release group.

In your case, in doubt, just add the release in a different release group, that will be merged later eventually.
Add a note about the similarity in Annotation.


Thanks for your tips. I’ve created a new Release group, including links to discogs and amazon, and a brief note explaning the situation.

Please tell me if you consider I’ve done it right.

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Yes, it is ok.
The thing you could do is to submit AcoustIDs for tracks on this CD.
This way we can be sure they are shared with the other compilation, and merging recordings can be done safely.