How to import .csv track list?

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This album isn’t in MusicBrainz but there’s a link to a .csv file on this page – is there a way to import the data so I can tag my files?

You need to create this release in MusicBrainz and use the Track Parser in Release Editor there.
It seems there’s a “Sound Ideas” artist ( not sure if it should be an artist or not, but still.

Basically, take the CSV, use a script to convert it to the Track Parser format, copy’n’paste.

Note: if you import the 15xCDs releases you’ll have to do it for each medium.

Note 2: you don’t import to MusicBrainz Picard, but to MusicBrainz database (through the website).


Script? I use Notepad++ and a bit of search and replace…

Track Parser is pretty flexible.

I used this OpenOffice Calc formula to do the first disc:

=A48 & “. " & B48 & " " & C48 & " (” & D48 & “)”

So when does the green tagger button come up so I can get the data into Picard?

update: so it’s in Picard on the right pane but only a few tracks are associating with my .aiff files. The durations aren’t exactly matching:

Track 1 - 0:27 vs 0:24

Track 72 - 1:03 vs 1:02

How do I just map aiffs 1 to 72 to tracks 1 to 72, regardless of how close the lengths match?

When I drag all 72 aiffs to the right pane “Anchors Away S1201” folder, only track 12 and 38 link up, the other 70 move to the Unmatched Files folder.

Update: lowered " Minimal similarity for matching files to tracks to 10% and it took.