How to identify catalog numbers

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in most cases there’s a number (or code) printed on the spine of a CD cover, which should be the catalog number, but I’ve got a lot of CDs where it isn’t. (unfortunately most of these are to be uploaded)
In some cases there’s a code printed on the disc. It seems to be a catalog number too. I’ve compared some to releases in the database.
But there are cases where a lot of numbers are printed on the disc (or in the booklet). For example Elli Ingram’s “Love You Really”, an album I uploaded recently.

  • no code on the spine or in the booklet
  • on the disc: 9876543 | 00602557663877 / 5766387
    In this case Discogs has noted the last number (5766387) as catalog number, but that’s probably no rule.

In case of doubt should I add all of these numbers or better leave it blank? (or say [none]?)


I would usually add the number on the spine if it exists.
If you cannot see it there the next thing I would do is look for is something on the disk so 9876543 in your case.
If there is other numbers record this somewhere such as in edit notes or annotations for the next person to investigate.


You can also look at the back cover.
You should add all catalogue numbers you find on the release, not only (the main) one.
If you could paste here the discogs image link, we could understand this specific case, if you want. :wink:


Hi, thanks for your hints.

This would be the link (release group)

but in this case its clear to me now (though I haven’t added the catalog number yet)

In similar cases I will use the edit notes
And now I should start adding my new Harri Stojka CDs (Austrian guitarist, highly recommended)


Sometimes cat. no.s will be written in one of the corners on either the back or on the booklet. Sometimes it will be written in small legal text blurb (the one with the © and ℗ information). The Discogs one has too low resolution images to make anything of them though.


For my physical media I managed to identify them, but all of the digital releases (of Harri Stojka) have no cat. number published. As it seems catalogue numbers for digital media are generally rare. Most recently I added a new album (digital media only) and neither the label’s website nor any other site offers a cat. no. for this or any other release (of PAIN SURPRISES RECORDS).

Is a catalogue number for digital media necessary after all? It can’t be used to identify a specific release.

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It is not a mandatory field.
Even some physical releases don’t have any.
If there is a featured catalogue number visible anywhere, set it in MB release, otherwise, no problem.