How to hide all AutoEditor entries?

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How can hide / mute ALL AutoEditor entries in this forum?
Since only AutoEditors can participate, it isn’t really interesting for all the others to read about your “secret elections”.

I would like to deselect all new messages for the category “AutoEditor”.
How can I do that in Discourse?


I think the point is that it isn’t really secret. :wink:

Although you can’t vote, I do think you can reply to these threads, so if you have any gripes about a certain nominated editor you could voice your concerns. And I think that is quite useful.

This doesn’t answer your question of course, but I wanted to point out that although it might not interest you, there is a chance it could. And transparency is an important principle within MusicBrainz and MetaBrainz.


Thanks @mfmeulenbelt

I have a different opinion in this point. “Voice my concerns” without having the right to vote is pretty useless. I have no other choice then accept the election from existing AutoEditors (which I have also not elected). This is not really what I mean by transparency. But I’m aware, that I can’t change that.

Therefore my question how I can just ignore this kind of entries for myself.


Do you mean the autoeditors forum or the autoeditors tag.
In both case, just go over there and change your subscription with the circle top right button popup menu. :slight_smile:


Yes, exactly what I was looking for. Thank you @jesus2099.

I would vote for you, if I could :wink: :innocent:


Please let me know if it really works for you when the next topic is posted in #musicbrainz:autoeditors.
For me these notification statuses don’t work:


For your answer @paulakreuzer in this thread, I got a “1” on my user icon top right and a mail with your comment. I assume this is because I’m participate already in this thread.

For the information about a new topic in #musicbrainz:autoeditors: This could be difficult to let you know, especially if my notification settings works (and I don’t get messages anymore :thinking: ). So please let me know, if there IS a new entry over there.


Yes indeed. If you look at the bottom of this topic page, below Topic control you should see the same subscription menu and it should be set to Tracking as you already participate in the topic
This topic subscription menu takes over the more general forum or tag subscriptions.