Category based notification status doesn't work

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I have set a few categories to tracked, none to watched and none to muted:

But I keep getting notifications for every new topic in any category.
It seems every time a new topic is posted in a category I don’t follow it’s set to watching:


I set it back to normal

but next time a new topic is posted it’s set back again.


I honestly have no clue about this, sorry. Are other people seeing this?

Maybe try and see if anyone has posted similar problems at ?


Something similar has been posted as a bug a year ago, but it doesn’t say if it was ever fixed:

I can’t reproduce the issue on any other Discourse forum I’m on though.


That topic says it’s fixed, over there.
Maybe check your watched tags?


I don’t watch any tags.
I already reset all my notification preferences and set them up again, but the issue remains.


I think that if I were you I would create a new bug topic in meta,

  • Mentionning the meta topic you found (1. It could help. 2. It will create a link to your open topic in that otherwise closed topic.)
  • Mentionning this community topic
  • Mentionning the bug fixer @gerhard


I hardly think it’s a bug if it only happens on this forum. Also nobody else even here said they could reproduce it.