How to Handle Soundtrack Entries for TV Shows

OK, so we have a general guideline on how soundtracks work for movies and video games, you have a work, set it to soundtrack, set the title to the primary title of the movie/video game etc. and then link relevant recordings to that work.

However, there are plenty of TV shows that have been broadcast throughout the years that have notable soundtracks.

In my mind this is how I’d structure it:

Work - Soundtrack - [TV Show Name]
then sub-links to:
Work - Soundtrack - [TV Show Name] [Season] [Episode Number/Name]

Then you link the recordings to the specific TV episode work entry.

Thoughts please

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I think this could work for some shows, but not for others.

for example, in K-ON!, they reuse a lot of incidental music and the opening/closing themes throughout each season, with a couple songs specific to an episode or two. I believe this is fairly common in anime too, also including TRIGUN, SOUL EATER, and DEATH NOTE

on the other hand, I believe My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Stranger Things do have unique music for each episode (save for the opening and closing themes), so that could work for those shows.

(in fact, before I knew how soundtrack works worked, I’d made a work series for each season of Friendship is Magic, added episode numbers and so on, but I have since merged them and added to the soundtrack linked above)

These could be linked to the top-level [TV Show Name] work entry?

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one thing to note though, I don’t think songs that weren’t written for the show should be included this way. for instance, Roundabout by Yes and Walk Like an Egyptian by Bangles as outros for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, or Won’t Get Fooled Again by The Who in CSI: Miami.

See this is where again there is no written guidance, causing a lot of confusion.

I personally disagree, and think that works should be linked to soundtrack entities regardless if they were written for that film/video game/show entity specifically, example:


Many things are not written down. But you will get experienced editors come to tell you to remove music that was not written for the film\show.

Something like The Breakfast Club or A Clockwork Orange has music in those film that we’d call “soundtrack”, but you do not do that in MB language.

Maybe it needs a separate relationship somewhere “as used in film” to link a recording to a Release.

I agree it would be good to see better definitions written out for films and shows. With examples. I am not a classical editor, but have got often confused when attempting to add works to major films. Something like Blade Runner has so many variations released of the movie soundtrack. Trying to set them all as “parts” of the one soundtrack was too much for me to make any sense of :crazy_face: :upside_down_face:

I think @yindesu edits a lot of film. And @reosarevok has often stepped in with wisdom. :slight_smile:

Yep I know, it’s why I’m on the wiki now trying to patch in holes instead of everything living in peoples brains where it only comes out after someone’s done all the hard work!


Sorry. I badly worded that again. It was not supposed to come out as negative. As I said in the same post it would be good to see clearer examples written by the experts instead of them just jumping on you after you have tried to add something. :slight_smile:

It’s ok, I think we’re all reasonably as fustrated as each other - I’ll pick up the gauntlet to try and do documentation when I feel I know suitably well enough; currently fighting cover art guidelines :smiley:

That’s an area I do know about… but that is OT and I’ll go away now :slight_smile: Back to the scanner…

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