Appropriation of works by films

I see that @dkg added this work earlier this year. It lists a number of parts, including Auld Lang Syne. It doesn’t seem right to me for soundtracks to “appropriate” other works in this way and include them as parts unless they were specifically composed for the soundtrack. I’m not an expert on soundtracks, but I imagine there are many that use classical pieces. I haven’t come across any classical works (so far) that have been catalogued as being “part of” a soundtrack ‘work’ and I would hope that it doesn’t happen.
In fact it seems debatable that a soundtrack that is merely a collection of existing works should even be entered as a “work” in its own right - surely it is just a release/ release group. Only original works (or arrangements etc.) should be included as works.
However, I am unsure of what the correct treatment should be and what editing action is required.


I agree it looks weird, and it is against guidelines apparently.

This relationship should only be used for works where the composer split a work into multiple parts, not where a performer merely performed part of a work (often described as an excerpt, intro, or conclusion), instead see the ‘partial’ attribute of the Performance relationship.


Also is it even correct to enter a movie as a work in MB?
I’d imagine the soundtrack work-type is supposed to be used for songs written for a movie, not for the entire soundtrack compiled/written for it.

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Maybe if one wants to catalogue all pre-existing works played in a film, they should use a collection instead.

No, but it is correct to enter a soundtrack. Theoretically, I imagine entering a movie would be ok as well (they’re certainly works) but we have chosen not to include that level :slight_smile:

The soundtrack work type is intended for a full soundtrack, but that refers mostly to scored soundtracks (say, the soundtrack to “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring”, not for soundtracks which just involve reusing pop songs. For that case, as mentioned above, I’d just not create a work at all, just a release group for the releases of the music if applicable.


For what it’s worth, I was following the example of some other existing works I had seen, right or wrong.


Yeah, I suspect there’s a bunch of those :slight_smile: In this specific case, it seems like at least some of the pieces were written for the movie - I wouldn’t be against having a soundtrack work with those as parts, at least.


In that case I’ll delete the Auld Lang Syne relationship, if that’s OK. I don’t really know the film and it is always possible that some special arrangements of works were made - in which case they would need to be separate works.
It looks like there are some other generic pieces there too, but I’ll leave that to @dkg to decide what to do.