How to handle fake compilation albums?

First let me express what a great resource Musicbrainz is. I am happy to contribute, but sometimes we run into a bit of trouble. Here is an issue I ran into lately:
Sometimes a release is marketed as a compilation, but is in fact the work of a single artist. In particular, I have two releases of this type (that I know of):

Thunderpussy Sampler, Volume 1 is attributed to Various Artists. However, all listed artists (A. de Mooy, M.C. Riesenknaller and Dr Nunu) turn out to be known aliases of Aad de Mooy.

Trance4Mations is another example. All tracks on this release appear to be composed and produced by Steffen Schuhrke

My guess is that the releases best be kept listed as compilations, but somehow linked to the responsible artist. But I am not really sure how to handle that. Here is hoping that somebody on the forum can give me a few pointers. Thanks.


If the cover provides no name of an album artist and the tracks all have different track artists then Various Artists compilation is correct. Even if the “different” artists are in fact all just aliases by the same artist.
If the artist considers them separate projects they should be separate artists in MB and I’d definitely go with Various Artists for the release. If the aliases are all merged then I guess the release could be credited to the main variant of the artist’s singular entity.
For the second example I think it’s pretty clear: The composer/producer is not mentioned on the album cover so he is not the album artist, but Various Artists is.


All of these artists can be linked as performance names of

In fact, several performance names for him already have been added :slight_smile: So you can just do the same with the others, if they’re all him.


That’s crystal clear. Thanks

Got it! I haven’t used “add-relationships” before, but I will give it a spin. Thanks.

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