How to handle contradictory work data: Rights Society db vs. release info?

I want to add a work and found the following data in the GEMA db:

Three composer/lyricists

On the release I find this:

Vollbildaufzeichnung 01.05.2022 092908

One writing credit, which is said to be a pseudonym of one of the artists mentioned in the GEMA db.

How do we handle these cases. I could add the writing credits from GEMA and add the release info to the release notes. But I think that some future users would just look for a work written by, in this case “R. Wilder”, and will not find it. So what is the best way to solve this problem?

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Generally, the information on the release is more trustworthy than the information from rights databases. It’s very common for bands to credit all their members as performers and composers in rights databases even when only some actually did any composing, so that they all receive an equal split of the royalties.


Thx, I wasn’t aware of this fact. I always thought: “RS dbs are about money, so it’s most likely correct” :wink:
So we go with the release info. Good…

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Actually that’s exactly why some bands credit everyone. Because this is all about the money everyone who is supposed to get a share gets listed. The real song writing work might be a bit different.