How to handle a double EP on a single disc

I recently acquired a double EP from a fledgling artist that is on a single CD with one UPC. It has different album artwork and titles for each EP on the two sides of the CD sleeve, and it notes which tracks belong to which EP on the CD label itself. I assume it should still be entered as one release in one release group, but is there a specific way to denote this divide using MetaBrainz metadata or is this just something I would note in an annotation and title the release something like “Title 1/Title 2”? If this were a double-sided disc I’d at least have the side A/side B distinction, but this is a standard CD.

Also, since it might be relevant, this band doesn’t seem to have any kind of streaming/digital download presence, so I can’t look to different releases for guidance. It’s only just recently been released, so I may also simply wait to see if they make available alternative releases which give clearer guidance on the metadata.


One release, with the title;
[Title 1] / [Title 2]

Note the spaces around the slash.

Everything else as you usually would… not as complicated as you might expect huh :grin:


Here is an example release: Truth / Beck-Ola.

Yours is 2 EP together, so, that makes a compilation album release group that you should link to these 2 EP release groups as includes, like done for this same example release group.


Thanks, that example is really helpful! Since (as of this writing) there do not exist separate releases for the individual EPs, would I just create empty release groups for each EP for the time being?


No, just add the compilation you’ve got in that case :ok_hand:

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