How to get started in GSoC 2023 with MusicBrainz projects

Hello everyone,
I am Mohamed Ali, interested in software engineering so I have started learning computer science since 2020. I am a 3rd-year Computer science student at Sohag University. I’m interested in contributing to open-source projects using GSoC and after I have shown your organization and read about you I have found that I believe in your goals.

I am a proficient MERN stack developer, and I would like to contribute to project ideas such as MusicBrainz data visualization with React as they perfectly align with my skill set. I have worked on projects with the same tech stack in the last 2 years you can see some of these at my github.

I have contributed to the BookBrainz project in the BB-718 issue which is a good first issue and I want to know if should I contribute to MusicBrainz and how can I make that.

Dear mentors, please guide me through this. I am very excited to start this project and prepare my GSoC application at this time and what is the next time. I would really love to listen from you if there is something I should do before getting deep into the project

Thanks in advance,
Mohamed Ali