How to fix the MB website language [when seeding the release editor]?

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Is there a way to fix English as the language for the MB website?

The language can be changed via the drop-down in the upper right.

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Yes, that I know. The thing is, that whenever I open MB website, it gets displayed in German and I need to change it manually each time to English. I’d like to fix it to be always English. The problem is also that if I change it during the process of adding a release, it resets the form (cancels the process)… :-/


Strange, AFAIK it should remember that, likely with a cookie. Do you maybe clear the cookies in Browser exit?

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I don’t - and I “never” close the browser (unless told to do so for upgrading it). I’m running Chrome…

I checked, so would set a cookie “lang” with the language. Maybe something is blocking this cookie to be set?

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Oh, ok… can you help me debugging it?

Does it happen when you either use Picard Add Cluster As Release plugin or Discogs Importer?

If so, I have been trying to fix it.

But anyway, it does not happen when you normally use the MB website, does it?
If so, when does it happen, exactly?


It happens when using Discogs Importer - you spotted it! And you’re already working on it - that’s enough for me! :wink:


To be fair with MBS, Picard plugin and release importers, this problem occurs now that you are using a newer version of your browser, that has changed the SameSite default value of its cookies, from None to Lax.

It was identified by @chaban and fixed by @Bitmap, for the connection issue.

And now just remains this language issue (more simple to fix than connection but same reason).


OK - so I’ll just wait :wink:
Thanks so far!

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