How to fix a release



I am not very familiar with MB editing, but I have encountered an error in the following release that I would like to fix:

It is easy to see that CD10 is doubled and also appears as CD4.

Do I have to fix it manually (I have all the data from the booklet), or is there an easier way? - Any help is appreciated.



Well, you do have to fix it manually (actually I don’t really see another way), but luckily it is not a lot of work. Simply edit the release, go to the track list and remove disc 10. Then leave an edit note to explain what you did and enter the edit.


That’s assuming that CD 10 is wrong. As I understand the OP’s description, however, it’s CD 4 that is wrong and should be removed (and replaced with the correct one, I guess).


CD 4 was the culprit and has now been corrected - thanks to the wonderful track parser!