How to find genders

i am unable to find out how i am gonna find out the gender of persons.

i searched various place wikipedia as well but nothing is coming out abt the gender help me for at least one name procedure.

ex of Riki

searched various placed but nowhere found

give me some resources mentors

Which Riki?

Yes, it’s weird, isn’t it?





I feel that even though one works, the operation of 2 or 3 is strange.
The designation of 4 is enclosed by the female in the quotation.
Nevertheless, it seems to be a hit including male.
These appear to contradict the specifications listed in the following documents.

Is there any tips we haven’t found?

Well, none of the above queries actually follows the specification. Try this:


WOW! Before ‘:’ is written in all lowercase letters, it works.
I’m smarter. Thank you!

umm… but, hit over 130 with in [RoBERT].

The alias also does not appear to have a string of Riki.
why this artist hit in?"Riki"+AND+gender%3Afemale&type=artist&limit=100&method=advanced is more strict but I don’t know if it’s better for you nor why the former search displays so many non‐Riki artists (no Riki aliases, no AC).



are giving same 122 results.

Yes, weird search results for those queries. Do we miss something ? @samj1912 @yvanzo : any idea ?


The issue here is that name is not among search fields for artists, thus your request returns every artist with the string name in either name, sort name, or disambiguation comment. You probably want to use artist or artistaccent instead, as follows:


:woman_facepalming: LOL! :laughing:

Er …
It seems a little more complicated than the OPAC of the library.
I would appreciate it if you could add examples to Indexed Search Syntax when you have time.
Please consider.
Thank you for lecture.

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