How to find common name Release Group on Add Release - Release Information

Newbie here so tell me if this the wrong place to post this.
Issue I am having is adding CD’s that have a common Release name like “Greatest Hits”.
When you go to Add Release, on the Add Release page I add the Title and the Artist but then on the Release Group field you have to search and match or create a new Release Group. I have already searched previously and know that the particular artist has a release group of Greatest Hits but the drop down search lists ALL the Release Groups with “Greatest Hits” irrespective of the artist, and there are a lot. There isn’t any filtering e.g. by Artist and doesn’t seem to be in any Sort Order. How do I find the Release Group “Greatest Hits” for the particular Artist I am looking for?
Nicest fix would be if the drop down search results were filtered by the artist.



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A good tip is that you can paste the url of the release group in the form and it will pick that release group. This also works for artists and recordings!


Wow and Wow. Thanks for the quick reply, great to see a forum that is well attended and quick with responses.
That response worked perfectly.
Not sure I would have thought of that so maybe a note in the documentation on Adding New Releases might be an idea. Duh, I just figured out the hint in the drop down to paste an MBID i.e a MusicBrainz release group ID. Maybe I just need more coffee or something stronger.


This ticket is tracking the release group ranking issue that you described:

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