How to extend a Re-release Ex. Wagner, Ring des Nibelungen , Solti [Beginner]

Hello all, i am a happy owner of this CD Box with the legendary Wagner recordings of Georg Solti from the 50s and 60s, digitally remastered.

The metadata are here Musicbrainz data , Discogs Data

The Muscbrainz data is woefully incomplete, but this is a re-release (or whatever this is called) of already existing cds. Picard finds them with scanning.

For example Siegfried with Solti and the correct cast and year ist this release group

These recordings seem both to fit the bill : Recording 1 , Recording 2

Can and should this information be used to amend the data of the CD Box , and if yes , how should it be done ?

Thanks a lot



Great! To add the rest:

  • click edit
  • click the tracklist tab
  • at the bottom, click add medium
  • click the existing medium tab
  • search for the medium/release you want to add
  • click the result, and then add medium at the bottom right

Repeat as necessary until you’ve added everything. And then double check it :stuck_out_tongue: