How to download multipage search results?

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The search page updates every time I reload (send an GET request).

The updating of the page causes the release group names to get mixed, even with different pages.

So, how to download a multipage search result while ensuring that all the values in the search result are downloaded.


Try reloading the following link:[1900%20TO%202020]%20AND%20type%3A(Album%20OR%20EP)%20AND%20status%3Aofficial%20AND%20arid%3A72c536dc-7137-4477-a521-567eeb840fa8&type=release_group&limit=100&method=advanced&page=2

it will change after a few reloads.

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This is annoying indeed. It is due to search results being currently sorted by score only, and all of these results have the same score (84). Here is the corresponding ticket to follow/vote:

I recommend you to use the web service instead; See MusicBrainz API / Search - MusicBrainz.

To follow your example, you can get all search results either in XML (here) or in JSON (here).