How to determine release country

im just trying to understand what they are saying
based on theses images what country would you say they are each released in
album 1

album 2

album 3

As a rule of thumb, you can’t use any print on a CD to tell where (or when!) it was released—you need external sources for that. It’s perfectly fine to leave the release information fields blank when adding a release.


so where do you fined these magical sorces? from what i see most people use the covers

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Hi @st3v3p - I’ll try a more constructive answer for you. :slight_smile: I am sure that Freso’s job is to test our resolve… (I am joking…:wink:)

As a selection of cropped images it is harder to define the release countries. They need a bit more context.

A “manufactured in” or “made in” country is not much use for identification. Here in the UK I have a number of CDs for a small punk band which were released purely in the UK but were made over the channel in France.

Looking at some of those images I can see many that are being sold into multiple markets. It is quite possible some of these can be marked as “worldwide”. Especially knowing the nature of many of your releases.

The first image shows a list of different distributors for different markets. It looks like this one originated in Australia and then we see distribution options for NZ, Aus, Asia and Canada. Kinda hints at an Aus release.

There are also other details on a CD itself - things like the distribution codes, rights societies, etc that also help us narrow it down. This is why we need full examples to work through. :slight_smile:

Many of the releases you have been adding have fairly clear release countries. Steve Grace being a good example as he is an Aussie who sells his disks first from his website in Aus. He then ships worldwide. So he is marked as Australia as that is where he is releasing.

The Psalty disks are often USA releases. You’ve seen this before from their websites. We’ve also see examples being repackaged and released through Europe. Those can be spotted with different rear covers. The hints often being a change of some of the copyrights or label names.

This is the kind of external research Freso is on about. You are already correctly visiting the sources of your releases and doing the research he is pointing at. The main key is he needs you to be 100% sure about information that is entered. If you have any doubt, then don’t enter the information. No guesses allow. :wink:

The MB documentation is a bit tricky to read but have at for a basic explanation

The country is the one the release was released in. If you have a physical release and don’t know the country, there’s sadly no perfect way to find out for sure, but the barcode and the countries of the label and the artist sometimes help. If you are entering a digital release, the country will depend on where it is available from. Pages like Bandcamp, SoundCloud and other similar sites have no region restrictions. In this case, it is safe to set the release to [Worldwide]. For releases from shops like Amazon or iTunes, that have region restrictions, it is safest to choose the country of the shop (if you’ve bought it in the French iTunes store, use France). Remember that you can always leave the field blank if you are not sure!

Note that you can add multiple date/country combinations per release; this should only be done if the release is exactly the same . Different versions of a release, with a different cover, different logos/text or different labels, should be entered separately, not as multiple release events for the same release; a shared Benelux release or UK/Ireland release though can and should be added with the country/date pairs that apply.

Dig out a few releases you have added that need checking. Or if you are adding something new, pop the details in this thread and we’ll have a check on it with you.

So far the many releases I have checked of yours there is no obvious howlers that stand out. :slight_smile:


so if an album has printed in would you say thats a good gess as to were it was released?

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Nope - “Printed in” is no use at all. I have some CDs that have the paperwork printed in one country, the disk in another country, and then it has been released in a totally different third country! :smiley:

We need to look at a whole example. Lets see more details from the rear. Do you have one you can point me at?

For example - a barcode will hold a country of origin of the parent company who released the disk. This is a better clue than where it was printed. (but still not 100% an answer)

You need to put a detective hat on. Gather the facts until your case is certain.

The true answer comes from the originating website. This is why someone like Steve is easier to work out. Doesn’t really matter which country he gets his disks made in. The fact is he sits on his porch and sells his CDs from there. And then they are shipped world wide.


well one is come with praise thats album 1 i know the executive producers are from new Zealand but i have not scanned in the album art yet and the artist is wrong so i need to fix it up with some work if i can

I’ll help you have a look later today \ this weekend once you’ve got some images and started creating the release.

The executive producers coming from NZ will not help us much here. They could have got onto a plane and flown anywhere to do the work. :slight_smile: It is more about the company they work for.

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dont quote me but i think that is the one they founded scripture in song thats what is on the disc any way

Salesmen will add all kind of info to the back of a disk to make it sell.

We’ll sweep all the evidence into one heap and see what can be shaken out of it.

I’m going back to the cricket commentary… :cricket_bat_and_ball:

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ok sounds good ill keep posting the albums in here for people to keep checking i have a few more from steve camp i wont to scan in first then i will scan others in some will be hard if not imposable to get fully correct there im not adding the writers of the songs or any thing atm my main focus is getting them scanned in witch is hard thanks to all the coal dust then other people can always add that info if they feel like it :slight_smile:
@Freso thanks for the help feal free to help me where you can. sometimes i just need that extra bit of info thats why iv found ivan so help full. :wink:

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The main rule Freso is trying to put across is: Any Doubt, Leave It Out.

So put in the data you know for sure. And then post questions back in that thread where you have a puzzle to solve.


Yep, exactly this! :joy: It’s better to not have a piece of information than it is to have a wrong piece of information. :slight_smile: