How to determine Big Finish Series order?

When looking at the Doctor Who: Time War 4 entry I see under relationships:

  • Doctor Who - The Eighth Doctor Adventures (order: 56)
  • Doctor Who - The Classic Series (order: 705)
  • Big Finish Audiobooks (order: 1400)

I’m having trouble figuring out where the 56, 705, and 1400 come from. I’m trying to add Stranded 1 to the database (and eventually the other Stranded releases), but I don’t see anything on the Big Finish website to help me figure out what numbers to use. Can anybody help me?


Don’t mind about those order indexes.
The series are ordered automatically (usually by release dates).
If you add an older release group, the indexes will go down 1 rank.

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Yay, more audiobook/big finish editors!!

As jesus says, the series ordering type is set to ‘automatic’, so no need to worry about the order.

If you have further questions about Big Finish audiobooks there’s been quite a few editors spending time there in the past - check the edit history on that label, and feel free to tag those editors in the forum! There must be heaps of know-how around :grin:

Good to know it’s automatic! How often does the server sort the list? Right now, I’m seeing the release at position 2 on the Big Finish Audiobooks page rather than at the end on page 15.

Maybe I missed a field somewhere on the release group?

Edit after adding Stranded 2: The list appears to have sorted itself, so I won’t think about it any harder. Thanks for the help everyone!

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Yes it’s always displayed (automatically) ordered, there is no delayed sort batch.

The fact that it’s an automatic order series is displayed in the sidebar.

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It is now working. Earlier it was in 1,1 and 2 in those series. Now suddenly has shuffled to 56, 705 and 1400. Never seen that happen before.

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