How to Deal with Duplicates for same Release & Media Source

Hi all,
i have a Question regarding duplicate Releases and if they are a Case for a Merge, or let them stay.

For Example:

2x Digital Media Releases with 17 + 17 Tracks, for me they look the same.
Only Difference is “Sampler 3” vs “Der Sampler 3”. One is from Itunes (dead link) and the other one from apple music and deezer.
If Digital Media has 1:1 the same Tracklist, can i merge them, or should they stay Service seperated? Ofc when its like a remastered Version that gets released later, or a Instrumental Version etc., ok fine. But 1:1 the same? I would say its a merg, no?

Next example:

All 3 Digital Media, same Year, Tracklist etc. and also 2x Apple Music…
Merg all 3?

Another example with CDs:

2x CD Release, same Year, Tracklist etc. 1 Linked to Discogs, 1 to Amazon. Merge?

I know i dont have to merge if different Tracklist, Year/Remastered and Medium etc.
But i want to make sure to make the right thing in Cases like this?

Before i used MB for fast Imports from HDD/Discogs etc, but i want to add more Data to the Releases (if missing) and learn more about the more techi things. And i dont want to ruin someones added releases or mess things up, but also i dont think the db needs 10x the same album/release where i cant see any difference. What would you say?

Thank you very much


Generally speaking: Exercise very high caution, as you are doing, when merging releases! It can be very small differences - label, cover art, CD pressing plant, etc - that qualify for a new release.

However, the examples you have mentioned here do seem like 1:1 duplicates, as far as I can tell. I would vote yes on a merge :+1:

After a merge is successful it is helpful to go through and tidy up, for instance remove duplicate artwork. Remember to keep the artwork that matches the release - for instance, having a CD cover for a CD release, even if it is lower resolution than a digital media cover.

Thanks for being so thorough. I think you are going to fit right in :blush:


Thank you very much. Ok, then it was right, thinkin huh 3x Digital Media, all the same… :smiley:
If i merge the Stuff, will the Artworks move also all to 1 Release? Or will they be move to a more hidden place? Just want to make sure i find them after that, to delete possible duplicates :slight_smile:

The artwork will all end up in the merge target.

By the way, I missed this:

The digital media releases for Sampler 5 are not all the same, in particular the differing barcodes!

But I would merge the Apple releases, this release and this release, I can’t see any unique data there.

Ok thank you. I will look for the artworks after 7 days if the merge goes live.
I stoppted the 3x Sampler 5 merge. Does Spotify generate own barcodes?.. what a mess :smiley: i merged only the 2 apple ones. Really, thank you!

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I went and edited some of them. One that had the 2 Apple Music releases was actually 2 different releases. It was originally setup as the Deezer release and actually has a different barcode than the Apple Music release. Another editor had erroneously added an Apple Music link to it, even though it has a different barcode. Removed that and edited to correct barcode. Everything else looks good. Try not to use digital sources for artwork on CD releases as well.


seconding what @tigerman325 and @aerozol describe above, a big reason for seperate digital releases is different labels or barcodes (both of which don’t always show up on a store page)

for physical releases, if there’s no discernable differences (including from secondary sources like matrix codes from a linked Discogs), it’s usually safe to merge them