How to credit "Field recordings" (street conversations)

Oiseaux-Tempête have lots of “field recordings” credited (now one artist only for these), but it doesn’t fit in the category [nature sounds] ( as recommended here: Field recordings). These are mainly recorded scenes on the streets of certain countries/cities (Greece on their debut album, Paris/France on the second, Beirut on their third…)

On Discogs there are “Sounds [Field recordings]”. On MB it could be "Other instruments [Field recordings], but I didn’t pick this, because it’s not really an instrument, more kind of field recorded vocals, but “other vocals” have no “credited as” option.

Any ideas?

An example (at the beginning):

It depends, is the credit for:

  1. Making the field recordings (just recording them), or
  2. Making the sounds in the field recordings (more like a performance role)?
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It is 1., those who made them. The speakers are nameless, probably unknown to them.

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Right. In the past I’ve used the “recorded by” credit for field recordings, but those were cases where the whole track consisted of a field recording. This is different because the field recording is only used for a little bit at the start of the track, I’m not sure exactly how this should be represented.

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Neither am I. Maybe [nature sounds] in the end, as it could be credited as something more fitting. Thanks anyway!

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A “field recordist” relationship exists now that can be used for this :slight_smile:


Now I miss the possibility of assigning “field recordings” to an area (recorded in). It’s neither an instrument nor vocals… :wink:

THANKS!!! :smiley:

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