How to choose the 'remix of' track?

Since I’m adding many psytrance releases recently, I also want to set the relationship ‘remix of’ correct.

I’m wondering, how to choose the ‘original’ track of a remix. Often the same track of the original artist appears on different releases, e.g. on an album and on compilations, but with slightly different running time. (I expect all should belong to the same ‘Work’ and I think I can’t make this relationship to a Work.)

But how do I choose? Should I take the recording that first appeared? Should I don’t touch it till the artist fills it himself?

You should link a remix recording to the specific recording it’s a remix of. Unless you have proof that a remix of a specific recording, you shouldn’t link them. E.g., is the remix of the 12" version? Of the radio edit? Of the “single version”? The “album version”? It’s often safer to not link it to a recording, since it’s better to have missing information than it is to have (potentially) wrong information. :confused:


Ok, then I won’t do it. Only if it’s clear, for example on a Single that contains the original track and several remixes of that song.