How to change username

I would like to edit my username in MusicBrainz. How can I do this?

I’ve looked at my edit profile page, and my user preferences page, but cannot find an option to change my username.


Write us an e-mail (see details at the Contact Us page) and we’ll get around it to it Soon™. :slight_smile: (Note that the person who usually do username changes is not going to return before Tuesday next week, and by then there will probably be a lot of other things on the backlog, so please be patient!)


Hi @Freso, I also like to change my username and sent a request by email to the email address on [quote=“Freso, post:2, topic:97555”]
(see details at the Contact Us page)
And now I am wondering, was the email received? Because I sent the email 2 weeks ago. Thanks for looking into it!

P.S. I changed my avatar because I think this one is more appropriate, and this one will not be changed again :slight_smile:

Your new avatar rocks, @Samsom_Productions !
But it is absolutely no problem at all to change it at will, even hundred times a day.


As you might know, we’ve been quite busy these last few weeks, so there’s a good chance it got buried. I just poked @Rob to look into it, so let’s see what he says when he’s around.

Thank you so much @Freso :slight_smile: and please let know if @Rob cannot easily find the email because it is no problem at all, to forward to him the copy that I have kept in my sent emails box!

Just heard back from him. Your mail is not lost, but it’s low priority. It’ll get done eventually, just have some (more) patience.

Okay @Freso, no problem, I will be patient and can understand you and him being very busy! Happy Weekend to you! :slight_smile:

Done! Log out and back in for the change to take effect.


Thank you so much @rob :slight_smile: Feels much better so! Oh but now I have to tell my friends I think? otherwise they won’t know its me!

Thank you @jesus2099 my friend for liking my new avator! :sunny:
I also got a new username! @musicwoman :wink: All my stuff is still there on my page, but when I click in your post to my old username, it goes nowhere, so that’s why I made a forum post to tell everybody it’s me :slight_smile: