How to change diacritical letters to English?

I don’t want to overload the MB server with my Picard attempts, so I’ll ask.

I’m only interested in the Artist and Title fields in ID3tag.

I would like Picard to fill in these two fields or all of them (there may be an easier solution) with only English letters, without French or Polish diacritics.

For example two songs:

St. Germain - Prélusion
Sven Väth - Sensual Enjoyments

Result achieved:

St. Germain - Prelusion
Sven Vath - Sensual Enjoyments

Do you want to achieve that for the latin letters only?
Or also for the many “foreign” languages like Arabic, Greek and many others?

Do you think about a replacement like this one?

    { "èéêëēĕėęěέεẽẻẹềếễểệеэ", "e" }

BTW: The correct replacement for the vowel ä in “Väth” would be “Vaeth”.

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Only latin letters.

Like this { “èéêëēĕėęěέεẽẻẹềếễểệеэ”, “e” }

“Vaeth” - If Picard thinks so, I won’t argue. :wink:

Try Options > Metadata > Convert Unicode punctuation characters to ASCII. Maybe it does what you want.

“That is punctuation, not accents.”

These two options below do not work.

This plugin Non-ASCII Equivalents works:

Yes, the plugin Non-ASCII Equivalents does what I meant:

It replaces ä with a, ö with o and ü with u.
German vowels should be replaced with ae, oe and ue.
The same for uppercase Ä, Ö Ü: Ae, Oe and Ue
and as it already will correctly changed for Æ → AE and æ → ae

Does the Windows language affect Picard?

My Windows language is set to Polish.

I use the Non-ASCII plugin, but the tags contain Polish characters: ł, ę, ż, etc

The other signs disappeared nicely.

There are no Polish diacritics in this plugin.

# Acute # Grave # Umlaut # Circumflex
“Á”: “A”, “À”: “A”, “Ä”: “A”, “”: “A”,
“É”: “E”, “È”: “E”, “Ë”: “E”, “Ê”: “E”,
“Í”: “I”, “Ì”: “I”, “Ï”: “I”, “Δ: “I”,
“Ó”: “O”, “Ò”: “O”, “Ö”: “O”, “Ô”: “O”,
“Ú”: “U”, “Ù”: “U”, “Ü”: “U”, “Û”: “U”,
“Ý”: “Y”, “Ỳ”: “Y”, “Ÿ”: “Y”, “Ŷ”: “Y”,
“á”: “a”, “à”: “a”, “ä”: “a”, “â”: “a”,
“é”: “e”, “è”: “e”, “ë”: “e”, “ê”: “e”,
“í”: “i”, “ì”: “i”, “ï”: “i”, “î”: “i”,
“ó”: “o”, “ò”: “o”, “ö”: “o”, “ô”: “o”,
“ú”: “u”, “ù”: “u”, “ü”: “u”, “û”: “u”,
“ý”: “y”, “ỳ”: “y”, “ÿ”: “y”, “ŷ”: “y”,

Do I have to add them myself?

In short: Yes.

This plugin is a simple “replace X with Y” tool.
If a character like your ł, ę, ż is not recognized, it can not be replaced.

As written in the plugin-description:

It’s an attempt to do a little better than Musicbrainz’s native “Replace non-ASCII characters” option

From the Polish orthography wiki article:

A common test sentence containing all the Polish diacritic letters is the nonsensical
"Zażółć gęślą jaźń ".


8 spelling errors in one sentence.

In my school, every mistake on the dictation results in a lower grade.

The maximum, best rating was 5.

Now is 6.



I changed the content of the file, changed the PLUGIN_NAME, created a ZIP.

In Picard, I click Install plugin, provide the changed file, but nothing happens.

The changed plugin does not appear in the list.

I can only suggest to follow the instructions to install a plugin here:
Especially the part Installing Third-Party Plugins.

In my hurry, I left it at the end of the line; instead ,

Thanks @InvisibleMan78

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I also had to add some Icelandic and Brazilian letters. :wink:

A powerful tool.

Applause for the creators.

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I no longer clean up my 14,000 MP3 files before uploading them to Picard.

Using the example of diacritics, I can see how Picard updates tags when the content of the plugin changes.

To justify myself, I can only write that in one case the update did not work. There was no visible change in the numbers.

It was like that.

I found out about Picard.

At first I didn’t clean the tags. I copied my MP3 collections from CD-R discs to the disk.

I loaded it into Picard.

The Preferred Releases setting was the default (p1.png).

I pressed Cluster, Lookup, Scan in turn.

I received approximately 2000 albums in the Album fields.

I had a lot of compilations among these MP3s, so I wanted to know the original album the song appeared on.

I moved the Preferred Releases sliders like this (p2.png)

and loaded the files into Picard.

However, there were no more albums. There were still about 2,000.

So I cleared the tags, Preferred just like p2.png, loaded it into Picard, pressed Scan and got about 5000 albums.

It’s a big diffrence.

Just to point out that in your second screenshot, “Replace non-ASCII characters”, applies only to file names when you ask Picard to change file names. It doesn’t do anything with tags. (More info in the docs here: File Naming Compatibility Options — MusicBrainz Picard v2.11 documentation)

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I know, but why did the author of this plugin


write in the description:

“It’s an attempt to do a little
better than Musicbrainz’s native “Replace non-ASCII characters” option.”


Notice on line 32 of that text you quote that plugin author says:

Currently replaces characters on “album”, “artist” and “Title” tags.

The plugin is better attempting to do what you need. I also wrote a plugin like that as I like to strip out the different hyphens and speech marks.

In your screenshots in post 5
“Convert Unicode Punctuation character to ASCII” cover the tags and “Replace non-ASCII characters” option is under File Renaming Options.

I think the comment in the plugin just got these two confused.