Removing accents with file naming script

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Hi everybody,

I have trying how to figure out how to remove accents from letters in my filenames. So, for instance, I would want “Anaïs Mitchell” to be written as “Anais Mitchell”. Is there a convenient way to do this? I was hoping that one of the file naming scripting functions would do this, but I can’t find anything along these lines. Of course, I could have a replace function for every possible character, but I suspect there has to be a better way to do this. Any help is much appreciated.

Options / Options… / Metadata / Convert Unicode Punctuation Characters to ASCII

But I think this might do it for all tags not just file naming scripts.

That is punctuation, not accents.


However, I would like to leave the tags themselves untouched (accents included). I only want the filenames to be without accents.

Options > Options… > File Naming > Replace Non-ASCII characters then? seems to work on the second built-in file naming example… (Coup d’État to Coup d’Etat)


Thanks @UltimateRiff! That did the trick. I really appreciate the help.

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