How to attach to the release info I've received from band members directly?

Finally I’ve got response from Yat-Kha leader.
It is an e-mail, so my question is in the title already :slight_smile:
I could not attach it at all, but this info is not represented elsewhere, so I guess it will cause some potential controversy.

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Not sure what you mean by ‘info’, but I would put everything useful into the band (or release group, if related to an album) annotation.
Maybe do that and then link it here so we can have a look :slight_smile:


I failed trying to find any relevant information on release I am talking about, so I decided to contact the band leader himself to ask all the questions.
He responded, but now I am a bit confused as I don’t know how to add his response.
Annotation may be an option, thanks!

You can quote the relevant parts in the edit note when making edits, as well.