How to add release that is live and compilation?

there is this release: Release group “Past Selves” by Sub‐Radio - MusicBrainz
this artist has a live version with the same name and it will not let me add a new release and under secondary select live and compilation. so how do i add this. You can see the details of the release at this link: Past Selves (Live At Spacebomb Studios), Sub-Radio - Qobuz

I believe you’d hold down ctrl and click for that

(yes, we probably should make it easier to select multiple secondary types)


Hold CTRL+Click to do multiple selections in that list.

(LOL - posted at same time…)


when i use the Add Release those are grayed out and i’m unable to select. this is why i’m asking what to do. from what i can tell my only option is to create a new release group then i can select live and compilation

I think the live version should be a separate release group, specifically because the type is different and live recordings will be all separate recordings.


ah, because you’re creating a new release under the same release group

release types are a property of the release group, and you’d have to create a new release group in this case (tho perhaps just Live would suffice? idk, I could go either way on Compilation for this release)


thanks, a new release group it is.

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