How to add old recordings used on new recordings

I added info on this album:

All tracks contain spoken words from old recordings. How should I add those?

For example, the first three tracks have these credit:

“Justice & Dignity”: vocals by S. Allender (1972)
“We, the People”: vocals by G.T.E. Thunberg (2019)
“War Need Not Be Inevitable”: vocals by J.F. Kennedy (1963)

What would be the best way to enter these?

“Sample of Recording”? But that means finding an old recording the same came from.

“Spoken Vocals”

The easy thing is to add the people as vocalists with “spoken vocals”, I doubt any of the recordings are in the database or even should be.

So no relation of any kind then.

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Sometimes you do get CDs of famous speeches, but Spoken Vocals is often the simplest. Maybe quote the speech in the annotation of the Recording.

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A random thought - if you want to link to the speech there is a way. Find the speech on YouTube. Add that recording as a Stand Alone Recording. Then link to it as a Sample of.

actually, for the JFK credit, you could probably use the artist “samples” relationship (if you don’t want to add a recording for the speech, that is)

the others of course would should be related to the original recordings