How to add musicians/instruments to a release group?

I have a Steely Dan album where on the cover (back) the performers are mentioned for the whole album.

Since Steely Dan often is a difficult case in being sure what musicians played (were used) for what track exactly, I though to add the musicians as release relationships.

But if I add them for one release, it seems they are not carried over to the other releases of that release group?

So I then looked to use the ‘Release Group Relationships’ button to add them to all releases in that group.
But it looks like it is not possible to add musicians/instruments to a release group?

Adding them manually to the other 10 releases in that group is not something I am willing to do.

How to handle this?


I’m afraid you’ll have to add them manually to each release.

Thanks for the fast reply (again)
Sorry, but I am not going to do that :wink:


Just add them to your copy of the release. Leave the copying for someone else to do another day…