How to add MP3 CD


I own the official MP3 CD box of this release:
It contains almost all tracks of that release on 2 data CDs.

I now wonder how to correctly add that release. I’d add that release to the release group and base it on the existing release and remove missing tracks. Is this correct?


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If I understood correctly, you have 2 data CDs instead of 8 audio CDs (= 8 media) - if you copy the existing release, you have to transfer track titles and duration to medium 1 and 2… I wonder if that’s a good starting point. I would rather create a new release from scratch, if possible, copying a track list with track lengths into the editor (→ Add medium/Manual entry).¹

Yes :slight_smile:

¹) of course, you will have to associate the tracks to the existing recordings, but I’m afraid you’d have to do that anyway. But you can try copying and cancel, in case you end up with a complete mess.

Okay, thanks!

Is there anything I can do to group the 75 tracks of CD 1 and the 45 tracks of CD 2 to somehow match the 8 CD box structure (and CD title)?

One trick is to use the Mass Merge Recordings script. Make a release with totally new track list, then after adding it line it up with the CD edition and merge your new one into the current one.

As it is 8 CDs it will take a bit of messing around with to get it all to load up, and then the seven day wait for it to merge, but can be a big time saver that way.

Otherwise you’ll need to manually select 75 recordings…



Maybe this will help:

But the problem @IvanDobsky referred to was reassigning each recording in front on each track, rather than creating duplicate recordings then merge them (lots of bogus edits, somehow).

But apparently, @amair managed to do so:

Yes, the release is added.
To save me of typing in track title and length, I opened the CD box release in Picard and opened that release’s info. There I copied the data and pasted it into the “Add media” dialog, where I unchecked “Use track numbers”.
After that I manually assigned each track to the existing recording.


This is what I like about MusicBrainz interface, there are a dozen ways to do the same task. Which makes picking a solution easier.