How to add empty tracks of a CD?

Hi there.
The Album “Fine” from Alessandro Cortini’s solo project SONOIO

contains empty tracks (10-98) which are 4 seconds each, just to get to track 99 which is a hidden track/song.

Now, adding the CD to the MusicBrainz db is forcing me to give a name to all empty tracks.
How should I proceed with this release?



We usually call them [silence] and they usually use the same merged recording, except if each track has a different ISRC, which would be crazy.


The style guidelines address this case and refer to a similar example:

Some releases separate bonus tracks from the listed tracks by one or more tracks that contain only silence. A version of Nine Inch Nails’ Broken uses the full 99 tracks available to the CD format; tracks 1 to 6 are music, tracks 7 to 97 are silence tracks, and tracks 98 and 99 are ‘hidden’ tracks. As indicated, these should be named [silence].


Thank you guys! It helps me!

@FlavioB, are tracks 10-98 all exact same 4 second silence?
If so we can merge the recordings: Edit #73943918 - Merge recordings. :wink:

Yes, the are.
I’ll look into the Edit later and eventually ask for help.

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