How to add discid to multi cd release

probably a dumb noob question, but don’t find a solution.
i want to add discids to “fela kuti” double cd “finding fela”, but when i try following the howto, musicbrainz says “Fela Kuti has no release with 9 titles”, but this is the first CD of a double CD set. How can i add discids in this case?


You can’t add a discid to because of what the error message says: the release in the database does not have a medium (in this case, CD) with 9 tracks and an additional second CD, but instead only one CD with 16 tracks: a disc id for a CD with 9 tracks can not match a CD with 16 tracks. If has the correct track lists, the release could have been added as a release with 2 CDs.

I think the best way forward is to change the format of the existing release to “Digital Medium”. This can be done on the “Tracklist” tab of the release editor and best matches the history of the release in the database, it was added from a deezer link. And then add a new release with 2 mediums, both CDs. You will then be able to add the disc id to the first CD of the new release.


Woops, @mineo, I split the release to 2CD too early.
But anyway, it was initially added as CD (giving deezer link as reference for track list).
So I was not that wrong… :thinking:

@yai, you can now please fix this release according to your release in hands.

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Thänx for that, it worked for me. But, jesus2099, can you tell me how you split the release into 2 CDs? Because i have another one: Soweto Kinch, The Legend of Mike Smith is also a 2 CD set.

should i make a copy of the release first?

There is no need to do this, these edits are going to stay open for Voting before they apply. In case you make a mistake the voters are able to tell you and you can cancel the edit(s) if necessary.