How to add different composers/lyricists per track on a release?

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I’m working on adding my first release to MusicBrainz and am running into some issues editing the relationships. Almost all of the tracks on the CD have different composers, but when I go to the Edit Relationships page, either for the release itself or the tracks, neither composer nor lyricist is available from the Artist relationship type dropdown. I am able to select composer and lyricist from the generic “Release Relationships” section from the Edit Relationships page for the entire release, and I was able to successfully add all of the appropriate ones in a list (see screenshot), but I don’t see any option to tie the composers to the specific song they composed. Am I missing something?

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You may be looking for works, How to Use Works - MusicBrainz

If you create works, you can credit artists as writers or lyricists. Here is an example: Dr. Dre - 2001

If you are sure the works don’t exist (ちょこ - Works - MusicBrainz), you can batch-create works from the ‘edit relationships’ tab on the release.


Thanks, that got me what I needed.

Another related question - the album has a track that’s a remix, so I added a work for the track it’s a remix of, and I added relationships for remixer and the original work (see screenshot below), do I need to add anything else? When I created the “recording of” relationship, none of the attributes really apply, so I just wanted to make sure I was doing it right.



There is another relationship you can add on that same page. If you know which Recording was remixed, you can select that and link them.


Relationships like that bring the database alive. Now when you look at the original Recording, you see the remixes