How to add bonus features tracks to DVDs / Blu-rays?


Is there a way to add tracks to DVD and Blu-ray releases that are not a part of the main feature, but are on the same disc?

For example, here is a release I just added:

It has multiple bonus features that are not part of the concert Blu-ray, yet they are on the same disc.

Is there a way to add additional (bonus?) tracks that are not part of the tracklist set? That is, can I designate additional bonus feature tracks as something different so that they do no appear to be mere sequential tracks that are part of the main feature?

thanks in advance!


Most videos have several titles, each containing chapters. Most often a main title (concert) and bonuses (music videos and documentary).

It is not really different from albums with main album tracks and bonus tracks (like b-sides and outtakes).

It will be clearer with tracksets but in the mean time we should just append them like normal and tag it as having trackset for future fix.