How to add and properly link a video recording?

I saw by some other releases that there’s a relationship to a music video released together with a single. How do I add it?

I want to add a link to the music video here

Create a standalone recording, then link it to the appropriate audio recording with the music video relationship.


or just click “Add Standalone Recording” on the Editing menu. This will take you to a page with a form like the one in this image.

I’m trying to find this option, where do I find this?

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Thank you, I added it.

Now how do I link it to the release?

I think I added the relationship.

Can someone check my edit and see if I did it correctly?

You need to select the recording:

You can also paste its URL which spares you from searching and selecting the entity type.
But you still need to select the right relationship type though.


Thank you! I think I got it straight now!

Also pay attention to the direction of relationships. The editor UI is not very smart and let’s you do silly things.
Fortunately that’s pretty easy to fix, just hit the pencil for the relationship that you want to change:

There’s always a preview that shows what you are about to add or change.


Now I’m already confused.

Can you do the edit?

Look at the relationship that was created. It has the music video first then the recording. So it’s calling the recording the music video and music video the recording. (Notice the icon next to the video one indicating it’s a video).
You can fix it by opening the relationship as seen in the screenshot Chaban posted and clicking the “Change direction” button on the bottom right corner.

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