How to add an artist if they have no releases or relationships in the database?

New user here. I’m trying to add a band called Everso Jake. The problem is that I can’t find any “relationships” to add from the site’s database. I did find two artists who share names with band members, but in both cases I’m pretty sure these are other artists who just happen to share a name. (In one case, the only release associated with the artists is a UK album, and in the other case the artist is from the UK. Meanwhile, the band I’m trying to add is from the Chicago-area.)

his band only released one album, so I tried to add that, but again, the album does not appear in the database, and so I can’t add it. The “How To Add And Artist” page says that any artist added without a relationship or a release will be automatically deleted, so I’m at a loss about how to add this band.

Edit: One small correction - the band name is is EversoJake (no space between “Everso” and “Jake”. It was confusing because it was written both ways on different webpages, but I was able to confirm the correct way by accessing their defunct band homepage on the Wayback machine.

On multiple occasions in the past, I have successfully added an artist with just a URL entry.
A URL is enough of a relationship to keep the artist entry from being auto-deleted.

I’m curious about why you want to add the band. I suspect that most people who add a band to musicbrainz do so because they want to add other information to musicbrainz that relates to that band. Like, they want to add an album or an event, or something. In those kind of cases, they would add the band first, and then add the related item (like an album or an event) shortly after.

The window of time between adding an artist with no relationships and the auto-deletion is a few hours (I think it’s usually somewhere between 4 and 24 hours). If you add a relationship (i.e. a related item, or just a URL) after creating the artist, within that window, it will prevent auto-deletion.


welcome to MusicBrainz, @JumbleCrumble!~

if you’ve got the album in your hand, that’s enough to add it to the database. if you can find it online, that’s great, but if not, that’s no reason not to add it to MusicBrainz~

although as said, if there’s any URLs to add for an artist, that will prevent deletion. other things would be any relationships (i.e. members, concerts, instrument credits on a recording, songwriting credits, to name a few), or any recordings or releases (albums, singles, EPs, etc.)

If it is not in MB yet, then you can add it. :wink:

When you will type your artist name there, don’t the select the UK artist.
On the search results, at the bottom, you will see Add new artist to click.


Adding obscure bands is one of the best parts of MB editing. As long as you have some data to link together then just add what you have. I have great fun at adding the obscure.

You can add an Artist as just a name. I think the bare minimum is a Name and “sort order” name.

If the next thing you do is then add an album of theirs. Or link them as a member of a band. Or even just a single guest vocal link. That is then enough to not have it auto-deleted.

And I thought auto-delete takes days anyway… so don’t worry about it. Dive in, have fun.


That’s something I have learned that I can’t count on. On one or two occasions I’ve added an artist with no relationships, thinking “I’ll add the other stuff tomorrow”, and before I got around to it on the next day, it had been deleted.

It would be good if we had some documentation that accurately documented this.

The last time I had this problem was years ago… maybe things have changed.

I guess I never really hit it as usually making an artist to immediately use them. I have created loads of people who only ever appear once as “violin” on a single track. Or some cover artwork.

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The auto-deletion waiting period was standardized to 48 hours earlier this month:


Thanks everyone for their responses. I went ahead and submitted the artist, a release by that artist, and artwork for the release.


Woooo, check out @JumbleCrumble’s excellent first addition:

Full scans!! :heart_eyes: