How to add a "release" properly?

Missed this before for some reason, but is there a reason you can’t “wikify [your] guide” yourself? (I assume by “wikify” you mean putting it on the MusicBrainz Wiki?) Account registrations there should be open to anyone with an e-mail address.


It looks to me like someone just took the artist page and made an album. This is one of the rare instances I’m cool with deleting an album (but not the tracks). I’ve added the download links to each track linking them to their respective Songfight pages.

Why didn’t I think of that?
Thank you!

Edit: I get the anti-spam check in the wiki. I try to follow the instructions but it seems it doesn’t want to cooperate, showing me some popups right after I enter my details, including the email(which it says is optional).
Anybody know what I’m doing wrong or are registrations manual?

The idea to enter it into the wiki is good, I guess, though I guess that for now I’m stuck.

oh yeah and for anyone who’s confused: this is my other account, internetofdata is my main one.

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What do the instructions say? If you’re on Firefox, the instructions should say to enter “NOTSPAM” in both fields, but Chrome (and its offspring) hides the actual, site specific instructions.


I’ve marked the album as a pseudo-release.

Or remove it since it’s not a release, but a list of “song fight!” compilation+releases that the artist participated in.

Why do you think the logo relationship link to the Song Fight! label should be removed linking to @CyberSkull

I don’t remember the reasons why I added it so maybe the best is for it to be removed. I’m unsure on this one.

That is handled by the Wikidata item relationship. You only need the image relationship if you need to override that.

Edit: Oh, I see now that it is a EN Wikipedia image, not a commons one.

Here’s an example of how I’ve been adding them:

On track 13(by voh) I see you based that title on the meta information found inside just as your edit note says “From tags.” (this is not meant to be in an “accusatory tone”, you are welcome to add as many releases as you like by songfight dot org the way you see fit, and judging by the community participation you get in your edits you engage others in the community and I’d say that is good for adding songfight releases as accurately as possible, user feedback is important! I think I have engaged little to nobody in my edits, so continue the good work! :slight_smile: )

Personally I usually go after songfight dot org’s instructions like this quote:

You wouldn’t think we would need to say this, but use the actual title as shown and your actual band name, kapeesh?

trivia: There actually was nobody before that had archived the http version of songfight dot org(archiving the https version of the page failed) on :slight_smile:
The link in “this quote” links to the archived page and also highlights the thing I’m quoting.

Now it worked. Thank you, I’m registered on the wiki.

Finally :slight_smile: my guide is ready for release. In its core it is a re-release of the reddit step by step guide over at reddit on how to add a songfight dot org release.

Anybody feel free to edit it if you agree/disagree or even just want to comment, you can do it here, or on the guide’s discussion page too.

feel free to change the guide to your liking and invite your friends to edit it. My hope is we’re gonna get a step by step guide on how we add and edit releases so that proper data is entered. So next time somebody makes a linked data project hopefully the data they get will be as good as possible