How soon will approved edits reflect on the MusicBrainz database?

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We recently proposed the following edits:

  1. Created a new artist entity for the City Girls band from UK:

  2. The recording ‘O.M.G.’ was initially misattributed to the City Girls band from Miami:

We corrected the attribution by attributing the track to the newly created City Girls from UK.

Both edits have been approved. However, we noticed that the data we got from the API call still attributes the track to the wrong City Girls.

Would you be able to check if the edits actually took effect?

You fixed the RECORDING but didn’t fix the TRACK.

Click on the O.M.G. link and you’ll see your recording is credited correctly.

Now you need to click on the RELEASE (Mastermix: Pro Disc 98) and edit the release to fix the credit on the track list of the actual album.

That correction is now here for you as an edit that I just did for you


@IvanDobsky thanks a lot for the explanation and fix!!

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