How should we handle doujin music?

I still want to bring up a very specific case here though it’s a bit late, regarding

(It was first discussed in Record label gets mistaken as artist? but the result seems inconclusive so I want to bring it up here again).

In the very specific case, 中恵光城 (primary member artist) and ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY (circle) seems to be used fairly liberally and interchangeably in Japanese materials.

For example:

  • The CD jewel case printings of ノクトメモリア Vol.3 says
    • Planning / Production: ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY
    • Vocal / Lyrics: 中恵光城
    • And the songs in the release follow this pattern:
      • Song (vocal?): 中恵光城
      • Arrange: [some other artist]
      • Lyrics: [some other artist]
  • The downloaded files of ABCAS CHRONICLE (and almost all her releases available from have the artist field set to ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY/中恵光城
  • The release Doukai Kitan available from Eruce (and her other releases that are on Eruce) has listed ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY as the credits on the website, but the downloaded FLAC files have 中恵光城 in the artist field
  • Her works that were release on iTunes and Spotify, such as DOKAIKITAN - EP and ノクトメモリア Vol.2, are just credited to 中恵光城

My current approach is that unless that there is firm support that this specific release is credited with ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY, then I default to 中恵光城. But at this point, after having being voted down by @FichteFoll I am genuinely confused about what to do.

For cases like Yonder Voice it’s actually pretty straightforward (as they release everything under the name of Yonder Voice, and exceptions are clear). But for 中恵光城 it seems that there is no clear pattern.

P.S. I also think that it’ll be very hard to come up with generic rules for doujin artists that fit everywhere, rather it seems it’ll be better to create guideline, and figure things out on a case-by-case basis.

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