Record label gets mistaken as artist?

So I noted that currently MusicBrainz has artist entries for:

But I digged into Mitsuki’s home page and some of the albums that she released, and it seems that ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY is just used as the entity for marketing and planning of her work, and the actual performer should be just Nakae Mitsuki.

For example, the credits section of ABCAS CHRONICLE actually reads “planning and production: ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY; performer: Nakae Mitsuki.”

Also the link to both ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY and Nakae Mitsuki in the previous instance points to which is the personal homepage of Nakae Mitsuki, but is titled ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY.

Should I merge both artist entries, and keep ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY as just a record label entry? I would like some suggestion on how to deal with this issue.


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ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY is 中恵光城’s personal circle according to

There is a discussion on cataloging the music of doujin circles here:

I would expect the “group” to be kept separate from the person regardless of what release artist and track artist is chosen.

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My current approach is to keep the entities as-is, and added a “performs as” relationship between the two. The rationale of adding this relationship (besides the usual member relationship) is explained here:

When it comes to attributing individual releases, I will use 中恵光城 as the artist by default, unless online or printed materials suggest differently, and use ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY as the label.

I don’t know if there is a better approach, but it seems that at least one other editor thinks it’s the preferred way for now: