How should I treat track 2 on this reggae release?

So, I recently added this release, which is a reggae cover of I don’t mind. It’s a two track single, with the first one being the actual cover and the second one seems to be a dub version. To be honest, I’m not familiar at all with reggae as a genre and at first I thought this was just the instrumental version of track 1 and I’ve marked it as such. However, when I asked about it in the Discord server I was told it’s probably a dub version, which is a subgenre of reggae and that I should post about it here. So, for anyone who knows their way around reggae, is it really a dub version and also what should I do in terms of the work I’ve linked to the recording?


The first one should be a cover recording (“cover” attribute for “recording of”)
The second could be a remix of another recording, but if you don’t know this recording, you should also make it a cover recording of the work.
In short: I would add “cover” to both and if someone knows the dubbed original, the recording-recording relationship (remix of) can be added.

EDIT: I just noticed - If the second track is instrumental, vocals should probably be removed

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You can listen to the linked bandcamp.
It’s a dub version, there is much reverb, there is more looping, the vocals are here (I’ve just listened to it very quickly) as samples with much much reverb.

Dub is just a kind of psychedelic remix that sounds like underwater.

  • track B is a remix of track A
  • tracks A and B are covers of the work
  • tracks A and B are not instrumentals

And the linked bandcamp did not say otherwise and it’s giving the planned vinyl release date:

Pressed on Dusky Pink vinyl, the record will feature an exceptional dub version as the B-side.

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I listened to the track again and there are vocals on some parts, so I guess I shouldn’t remove the relationship.

I just made the changes.