How should I handle Greeklish titles?

I have added this Greek release to the database and now I wanna add its streaming counterpart, because it has a different barcode. The thing is the titles are spelled in Latin alphabet (Greeklish) on all three platforms and I was wondering if I should keep this spelling or convert it into the Greek alphabet? I’m leaning towards the latter but the Greek style guidelines don’t mention anything about this, so I thought I could ask here for your opinion.

Normally, if the digital version is transliterated then we would keep it as-is and mark it as script Latin (it can be linked to the physical version with a transliteration relationship).


@zemeles, like @reosarevok said, you should leave the tracklist transliterated (Greek language, Latin script), but don’t change the recordings, leave those in Greek.

@reosarevok, my understanding is that the transliteration relationship is for pseudo-releases, i.e., the same release but transliterated. Are you meant to use it for different releases? Because in that case, how can you decide which is the original release it was transliterated from? There can be multiple releases in the original script.

The guidelines don’t say this clearly, but on the pesudo-releases page it says to connect them with the transliteration relationship, and on the transliteration relationship page, the examples are both pseudo-releases.

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It’s not only for pseudo-releases, it can be used to link any two releases where “the number, order, and audio of the tracks on the two releases are identical, and each of the titles corresponds in meaning” - you don’t need to decide what the original really is in that case, it’s mostly a way of letting data users know “hey, if you prefer a Latin tracklist, copy it from this release”.


That feels a bit arbitrary to me… but if that’s the case, I appreciate the information. I really always associated this relationship with pseudo releases.

Well, it’s mostly used in pseudo-releases :slight_smile: But sometimes there’s things like this one (or like “the same Korean release is released in Korean and Latin scripts on digital stores with regional restrictions”) where both really are official, but they still should be linked because it doesn’t make sense to add a third release with pseudo-release just for that.

… hopefully with alternative tracklists we can forget about both of these :slight_smile:


Just added it.

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I hope so, I really dislike pseudo-releses, it makes no sense to me to add a fake release to the DB just to have transliterated tittles…