How should I go about the "Artist" tag in this release?

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I’m editing this release:

Initially I only saw the release date as incorrect. Now I’m in doubt about something.

The album is very old and it is now listed under Racionais MCs’s official page ( as theirs.

Racionais MC’s are the most known rap group of Brazil and, although there’s only one track from the group in the CD, there’s another from one two members of the group (none of them had a solo career back then). At discogs (ência-Black-Vol-1/release/14127306) this is cited as a compilation, which is what it actually seems to be. Mind, however, this is not a compilation of songs released elsewhere. Most of the artists present here must’ve been Racionais’s friends back then, you can’t find anything from them anywhere else and the tracks herein contained appear to be exclusive to this album (discogs for example has nothing else but the one track from this CD for 5 of the artists. Another is artist is a member of the group himself, 2 of them has either one or two tracks released elsewhere).

I don’t know, should I preserve the “Various Artists” thing. According to the documentation, “Artist Credits should generally follow the actual credit used on the release”.

This release is from 1980 and the label is long extinct, but the album’s cover has all artist’s names on it. I think this should rather be registered as a compilation and give proper credits to every artist, rather than bunch it all as “Various Artists”. By the way Picard couldn’t find this with a normal lookup, I think this may be the cause.

So, what should I do here?