How should I add a "full discography" release group?

Hi y’all, I’m trying to figure out how to add an interesting type of release, but I’m not sure exactly how to add it. Any help would be appreciated!

One of my favorite artists, Emily Musolino, has a USB flash drive that contains her full discography: all of her albums, including a live album that hasn’t been released in any other format, unreleased singles, and other unreleased cover songs. I bought it, so I have the stick with me for all additional information that could be needed, but the Bandcamp merch listing is here if needed to help answer: Discography USB Flash Drive | Emily Musolino

Since this is an official release and contains music not seen anywhere else, I’d like to catalog it in MusicBrainz, but I’m not sure exactly how to add it. Would it be an Album+Compilation? It’s one flash drive, but the folders within it split the songs into the appropriate albums. Is there any way to convey that folder/organization structure?


I would choose album, because it includes mainly albums and it’s certainly a compilation.

MB has media - so a folder is a medium of this release.

Then it would show and count as x amount of “USB Flash Drive”

It would be new to me groups of tracks should be added as multiple mediums except for digital media or dual layer/side formats

Do you have other suggestions?


I’ve voted for it, but what do we do at present?

Thank you both! I’ll add it as an album+compilation. The different sections like that ticket would be really helpful, but since I don’t want it to show as multiple USB flash drives, I’ll put them in the same medium.

The folders are numbered, subfolders are also numbered, and the songs are numbered after that. Would it be inappropriate to make the track numbers something like 01-02-03? (folder 01, subfolder 02, track 03) I know that’s a little non-standard, but I can’t find anything that says to not do that if it seems appropriate.

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Otherwise I’m not sure how to number the tracks, since each folder starts back at 01

What’s in a folder? What’s in subfolders?

If you don’t want the album titles to be lost, you need to choose a title/subtitle structure for the track names → {Album titel}: {Track title}

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Ah good point about that info being lost in the way I suggested. Here’s the folder structure:

  • 01 Emily Musolino Discography
    • 01 Self Titled Emily Musolino
      • 01 Mr. Smooth Talker.wav
      • [the other songs as “track # track title”]
    • 02 Jealous Girl
      • 01 Bread ‘n’ Water.wav
      • [the other songs as “track # track title”]
    • 03 The Vault
      • [songs as “track # track title”]
    • 04 New Singles
      • [songs as “track # track title”]
  • 02 Shakori 2021 Live Audio
    • [songs as “track # track title”]
  • 03 Bonus Cover Songs
    • [songs as “track # track title”]

I would skip the Discography folder as this is also the title. Then I would number the album subfolders as given and sequential live audio and bonus tracks.
Any structure will vanish anyway if you tag your files.¹

¹) We are not allowed to adjust the input according to our needs for tagging files!
(I know, but in this case I would not have asked and created media for each album - I think a USB drive is much more like Digital Media than a CD. And hybrid SACDs also have 2 media although everything is on one disc, but it’s rare and there’s no specific rule for that)

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Thank you! Yeah, I just want to find the best way to accurately capture the layout of the media itself while staying true to MB’s style guides. It would be nice if everything just so happened to be laid out exactly how I like to tag my files, but that’s never a primary purpose for my edits in MB :grin:

For the track numbers though, are you suggesting just using the track number given in the file name (ignoring the folder numbers)? That would give 6 different "Track 01"s. Would it not be more helpful to users, and more accurate to the artist intent, to have something like 1.01 and 2.01? I’m thinking about how vinyl sides are done, where it’s one medium but they have A1 and B1, and trying to come up with an equivalent thing for this situation.

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For physical releases track numbers should be entered as printed on the release. If there’s no A-side on the vinyl but side 1 and 2, the numbering on MB should reflect this too - “1 1” instead of “A1”.
For digital media it’s like offered from the download source.
But I don’t think, many have thought about USB flash drives.

I would do it as found in its filesystem, so probably like you intended to do, but without including the “Discography” folder number and rather write a release annotation explaining how it was numbered in the USB drive’s filesystem.

Regarding tagging, discography releases (and all bundles) are a problem in general. There will inevitably only be one release and included albums have the same release title “Discography”. There will be no original release dates for the album because the original date is the release date of the discography/bundle.
I would rather buy digital media and enter the albums as separate releases - only in case they are also available as independent downloads, of course.

Edit: PS: Alternatively you can tag your files with any other matching release, but for my files I want it to be accurate :slight_smile: )

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That makes sense. Thank you for all your help, I know it’s a rare edge case!

I’ll probably also go through her youtube channel to see if all the non-album songs have been uploaded there (I have a feeling they have), but that opens up a whole other can of worms surrounding what constitutes a release vs a standalone recording :sweat_smile:

And yeah, I would have definitely purchased (and tagged) her whole discography on their respective CD releases, if only they existed… Given the higher cost of mastering a CD and the lower demand for them for small artists, I can’t blame her for not having them :cry:

The “20 unreleased cover songs” are probably unreleased or - first released in this discography.

You don’t have to own releases to create them. At least her studio albums are available on Bancamp.

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Yeah, that’s what I’d assume as well, but if they’ve been released outside of the discography USB since then, that’d be nice.

Oh yeah! I just meant for tagging the files - I’d have to own them to tag them :grin:

That’s just possible, but I would tag the unreleased songs with the Discography as this was the original release, even if I tag the album files with information of individual album releases. (I think I would do so)

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